Burtonwood Brewery: Brewing Began 1867

History of Burtonwood Brewery

St. Michael’s Church, Burtonwood. 1975.

The Burtonwood Chapel

Schooldays remembered! Date unknown, probably of the village school in the early 1900’s, but it should jog a few memories.

The Story of Burtonwood

Castle Hill - Sketch from the title page of the leaflet describing the excavations

CASTLE HILL, Newton-le-Willows


Winwick : It’s History and Antiquities

A Lonely G.I. at Burtonwood Air Base Waits for a Bus to take Him Across the Dreariness of Camp to His Billet All day he has worked hard on the maintenance problems of the air-lift. Now his time is his owm. Different, less concrete problems present themselves. The camp offers movies, clubrooms, snack-bars. But, like any soldier, he wants to get off the camp. And the nearest escape is to the industrial town of Warrington.

Burtonwood – The Truth About G.I. Town

The Restoration of Lion

The Vulcan Works – Making the Lion roar again

David Freke and his team

Digging into the roots of history

Steam-Boiler Explosion at Newton

Earlestown, War Memorial

Earlestown War memorial – unveiled by Lord Newton.

ST, Oswald’s, Winwick.

Ebay Items

Ebay Items

Lady-Hill Newton-le-Willows

Lady Hill – Newton-le-Willows


The Public Library – Crow Lane, Newton

Autobiography of Garret Ronayne

Newton le Willows: 1830 – 1945

Castle Hill by the Rev. Edmund Sibson

Castle Hill

Antiquarian notes on our Neighbourhood

The Barons of Newton

Crow Lane Hall & Newton Serjeants

Everton V Earlestown

Everton V Earlestown

Newton Cricket, Bowling, and Tennis Club

Some Earlestown Sporting History

Newton le Willows

Newton & Earlestown in 1895

Bridge Street Earlestown

Earlestown & Newton in 1890

Southworth Burial Mound

St Peters Church

Dean School, Newton-le-Willows

AirCrash – Supermarine Attacker – 05/02/1953



Newton Glass Works

The Liverpool & Manchester Railway

A history of the Vulcan Foundry

South Lancashire Conservative Association

Newton Hall : Archaeological Excavation

Newton Hall : Archaeological Excavation

The Lake – Poem by J H Lane

St Peter’s Mission & All Saints Church, Crow Lane

St Oswald’s, Winwick Church

Newton in 1745

Earlestown Market 1938

Newton-in-Makerfield : yr 1825-35

The Story of Vicars

Newton – The Market and Fairs

Newton – The Market and Fairs

Sites of Interest East of Newton

Sites of Interest East of Newton

McCORQUODALE & CO. LTD. 1846-1937

Newton, 1800 & 1834

Newton, 1800 & 1834

The Fable of the Inspector and the Bolts

Newton M.P. committed to the Tower of London